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Great Products for Your Pet

Quality Foods Keep Your Pet Healthy

At North Whidbey Veterinary Hospital of Oak Harbor, one of our emphases is on careful eating - the best way to keep your pet healthy. We carry affordable, quality dog and cat foods from Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin in both wet and dry varieties. Call ahead at 360-679-3772 and we'll hold a bag for you!


Pets enjoy treats, of course, so make sure you're serving the best. Ask here for Hill's Prescription Diet treats.

•  Identification tags with address, rabies info, and more

•  Microchip implantation and scans

•  Flea and tick shampoos

•  Cat Lax to prevent hair balls

•  Virbac Animal Health products, including medicated shampoos and oral hygiene rinses

A Wide Variety of Dog and Cat Products

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